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AVG Pro APK for Android

All Android devices, let it be smartphones or tablets, are vulnerable to viruses, malware, and other online threats. One of the ways to shield your device from these problems is to install a decent antivirus. Let’s take a closer look at AVG Pro and discover if it’s a suitable solution for Android users.

General Impression

The developer states that using AVG Pro secures all-round protection from all sorts of malware, including spyware, viruses, etc. What’s more, it has identity protection features. Using this software is convenient due to the find my phone feature.

As soon as you download and run the APK file, you’ll see the main window. It has four main modules, namely Protection, Performance, Anti-Theft, and Privacy. At the bottom of the screen, every user has a button to scan the device for threats as well as the information about the latest scan results.

Top Reasons to Pay Attention to AVG Pro

The advantage of choosing this software is its intuitive interface. This program has a simple and appealing design. Even inexperienced users will quickly learn how to use it, adjust settings, run scans, etc. The clean interface doesn’t have any distractions.

Most independent reviews also agree that it stands out by offering top-quality anti-theft and privacy tools.

Users also point out that this antivirus is very affordable. Android users pay about $15 per year. If you are interested in switching to this software, install a 30-day free trial version. Test all the features and explore the possibilities before making any decisions.

Disadvantages You Can’t Neglect

The app has several significant drawbacks one can’t ignore. Firstly, many users find it annoying that to unlock the full potential, they have to install a few additional apps. That’s because the developer has divided some features into extra apps. It’s inconvenient, to say the least.

Another thing one can’t ignore is poor malware protection. While the developer succeeded in the aspects of privacy, anti-theft features, and some other tools, malware detection is not AVG’s strong suit. It can detect 95% of threats, which is a relatively low number comparing to other Android antivirus software.

Installing Additional Apps

The need to add separate apps to unlock the software’s full potential seems like a separate drawback. However, users may add AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster as well as AVG Zen to expand the possibilities. After the installation, all applications seamlessly integrate with the main AVG Pro’s interface. On the other hand, the features are optional. Users don’t have to install additional apps if they don’t want to use such tools.


The bottom line is that AVG Pro is worth your attention if you want to install anew antivirus on your Android. Despite the long lists of pros and cons, this app has several outstanding moments that deserve your consideration. It is an affordable solution with numerous features, including anti-theft tools.

So, in case you still hesitate, try the free trial version. It’ll give you enough time to test all features and make a balanced decision.

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