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LootBear Review – 10 Things to Know

LootBear is the biggest company that has valuable skins inventory. Users can sell, purchase, or rent the wanted skins to complete certain levels or missions in video games. This platform is very popular among advanced players. However, it has a lot of features, advantages, and drawbacks you might not know about. Learn 10 more facts about the site and use this knowledge to get the best possible experience.

10 Facts You’d Better Know

Thousands of users who are loyal to LootBear agree that this platform has executed the idea of renting skins to perfection. Even players with a low budget can now afford to use top skins without spending all the savings. While there are so many interesting things about this platform, let’s try to narrow the list down to 10 main things:

  • LootBear is one of the most popular marketplaces for CS: GO skins. Just like other platforms, users can trade their skins, rent them, do anything else;
  • The company made renting skins more affordable for all kinds of players to get them. Even if you are short on budget, renting the needed skins is much cheaper than purchasing them;
  • The unorthodox approach helped LootBear attract thousands of new users. This platform currently has over 20k paying subscribers. Member can choose a suitable monthly subscription plan;
  • LootBear often has promo codes and special offers on social media. Follow their Twitter or Facebook pages to save more;
  • Members can make money offering skins for rent. It’s safer and more convenient than offering them for auction. Some users turn it into a regular passive income;
  • Users may withdraw skins, too. However, the company’s policy is very precise, meaning users can’t withdraw the rented skins or trade-locked items;
  • Security is one of the crucial aspects that make users loyal. The site owners are cautious and protective of the company’s reputation. Members must go through a verification process. It may take from a few minutes to a day;
  • Skin owners are safe because of the refund policy, too;
  • FAQ content could be hard to find. Many members complain about it. While the quality of content is good, finding answers to all questions could be time-consuming. To make things worse, LootBear doesn’t offer live chat support;
  • The popularity of this platform partially comes from numerous recommendations from top YouTubers in the industry. It also increases visitors’ trust in legitimate services.


While many users are concerned that it is a scam, LootBear has met the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation. The company dedicated lots of resources to keep the site as safe as possible. In combination with innovative services and affordable solutions, this site has topped many charts.

If you consider joining this site, keep in mind, that there are several drawbacks. For some users, they are minor inconveniences, but others treat them as decision-making factors. Explore the website and its features to make the best decision.

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