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Spectrum Internet Security Overview

If Spectrum is your Internet provider, you may add Spectrum Internet Security to all your household devices. It’s an additional layer of protection for up to 10 gadgets. Have you ever heard about this? In case you haven’t, do not worry. Most users have no clue this service exists. But keep on reading to learn more about this solution as well as why you should try it.

Software Overview

Many users are surprised to discover that this software is a part of the bill for the Internet subscription. Since it’s already included in the cost, why not try using it? The program offers tons of benefits. One of the most significant features that stands out is the could-based technology for blocking zero-day threats. The program is said to shield both desktops and laptops from them. Curiously enough, smartphones or tablets won’t get this feature.

There is one clear drawback to choosing this software. Different devices get different sets of features. However, it’s hard to find structured information about these sets. Another confusing moment is that users will have to verify many actions. For instance, while other antivirus programs automatically block spyware, Spectrum Internet Security requires the user’s approval. It often causes inconveniences and brings additional distractions.

Main Features

Spectrum Internet Security offers its clients:

  • Automatic virus removal;
  • A personal firewall;
  • Blocking zero-day threats and malware;
  • Browser protection;
  • Parental control;
  • Real-Time protection;
  • Spyware protection.

Top 5 Reasons to Use Spectrum Internet Security

Firstly, the program delivers versatile protection features. It implies that the bundle contains more than antivirus protection. The algorithms detect and stop various malware, spyware, ransomware, malicious apps, etc.

Secondly, Spectrum Internet Security works on all devices. You can protect your desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc. Windows and macOS devices get a Security Firewall for enhanced protection.

This software has an unusual rating system for websites. It scans each site and gives it grades like in school. Here A stands for a completely secure site and F for a harmful page.

The fourth reason to install this software is convenient parental control features. It’s relevant if you are a parent because Spectrum prevents inappropriate content from getting to your kids.

Finally, it’s free. Well, being free is arguable since you pay for it with your Internet subscription. Yet, since it’s already included, why not give it a chance?

Is It Trustworthy?

There are many discussions about the software’s reliability. The main reason behind them is the lack of information about Spectrum Internet Security. Independent testing labs haven’t tried these engines to determine the program’s effectiveness. There aren’t enough reviews from reputable sources to prove its reliability one way or another.

The Verdict

Spectrum Internet Security is a dedicated program one may use together with other Spectrum services. The software protects all household devices from threats, viruses, and malware. It brings numerous possibilities to parents because they can not only limit the content but monitor kids’ activities on the web.

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