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Best Antivirus – Reddit Choice

The pursuit of the best antivirus is a constant game of choosing. Users keep aiming for finding complete protection for their devices, data, and identity. That’s why Reddit is always full of discussions about which software is the best. If you don’t want to spend days reading threats, keep reading the article for a convenient summary.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Most users agree that the most reliable and trustworthy antivirus is Bitdefender Internet Security. This software stands out by offering excellent test results. It hits the top in anti-phishing tests, malware detection rates, etc. Aside from powerful malware engines, the software comes with a VPN and other useful features. Together, they deliver all-round protection, simple navigation, customer satisfaction.

Bitdefender is a convenient choice for users who wish to cover all household devices with one license. The company even offers a Family Pack. Using it, a user can cover up to 15 devices simultaneously.

Reddit discussions also agree that the software (which runs on Windows only, by the way) has great parental control features, a reliable firewall, and high-quality protection for both microphone & webcam.

Best Free Antivirus

The best antivirus costs money. Although Bitdefender is an affordable solution, many users don’t want to spend any money on antivirus protection. There might be numerous reasons why they require free solutions. However, when looking for them, one should lower the expectations and focus the search on a separate group of options.

According to Reddit, the best free solutions are from Kaspersky and Bitdefender. Their free editions deliver high-quality protection, detecting all sorts of threats. However, unlike premium solutions, these programs are limited in features. Kaspersky, for instance, doesn’t offer any extras at all. On the other hand, it scores high detecting and stopping threats. Bitdefender’s free edition has more to offer. Yet, the list of additional features is very limited.

Other Software that Got on the List

Are you at least a bit curious about what other programs made it onto this list? Well, the rest of the antivirus solutions include Panda Antivirus, BullGuard Internet Security, ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall, and Avast Internet Security. In case you are interested in choosing one of them, pay attention to the precise products. The developers often offer a range of solutions. They differ not only in prices but in quality, too. So, pick accordingly.

The Verdict

As you may have noticed, Reddit discussions bring up tons of good antivirus solutions. Every user expresses their experience with certain programs. In general, the antivirus solutions you saw above require no advertising. you probably know a lot about most of the options.

However, when choosing the right antivirus for you, it’s better to rely on your instincts. Reddit discussions can lead you nowhere because everyone’s experience is different. Think about what you do on the Internet, what features you prefer to have, how many devices you want to protect, etc. It’s the best way of buying something suitable for your needs.

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